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E180 8" Electric Base Model

Regular price $1,309.95

Designed for high coolant environments, the E180 is our compact electric model with a 8" (203 mm) diameter.


  • E180 Base unit
  • Standard mounting plate
  • Bulkhead switchbox assembly


  • Quick & easy installation; requires zero modification to the machine window 
  • Compatible with most machine doors and enclosures
  • High quality materials (i.e. aerospace-grade aluminum, chemically strengthened glass)
  • Modular and easily replaceable parts
  • Optional Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating for 10x plus resistance to glass wear
  • 1-year limited warranty

*Dimensions: diameter 8" (203 mm) x profile height 1.75" (45 mm) x vertical height 10.140" (258 mm) / weight 3.68 lb (1.7 kg) / glass thickness 0.120" (3 mm)